Be a part of the Green Revolution


Commitment to sustainability means really caring, really trying to make a difference.


At Kejriwal, we are committed to act as a Catalyst to Change. We choose to make paper products 'tree-free'. Our objective is to save every tree and give excellent quality products at competitive prices. We want to help each person choose the greenest product available to them in each paper category.


We support many NGOs, whose objectives are similar to ours in the paper, forestry and recycling paper industry.


Kejriwal is a platform, where everyone can come together and share being green and help other to convert to green.


Become a Green Friend

We are pleased to have your interest in partnering with Kejriwal Papers Limited.We welcome you to join us on a green platform.


Tell us your green story

This is a discussion on your attempts to go green. Be our Green Friend, tell us your Green Story and be a Catalyst to Change the world.


How many trees have you saved?

We help you calculate the number of tree you have saved by the green activities you do daily

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Our Green Friends