Green Mission Statement

Kejriwal's core value is to maintain our commitment to significantly sustaining the environment while still giving our customers quality products and services at affordable rates.


The products we manufacture are 100% 'Tree Free.' What this means is that no virgin fibers (newly cut trees) get used in our manufacturing process. Kejriwal's paper products are solely produced using paper waste (that could have ended up in landfills), and farm fiber (residual fiber on the farm that is usually left over, such as bagasse, wheat straw, etc). We don't take anything away from the environment, we just try to de-clutter and recycle the waste that gets produced each and every day, recreate that waste into products for our daily living and give each and every individual the alternative to choose a 'Tree Free' product. We believe that no tree needs to be cut to manufacture paper. Our recycling division recycles paper, our manufacturing division manufactures paper products from recycled and recyclable waste. Our entire team does the good work of bringing these products to people everyday, the way they are used to seeing them, the way they are used to buying them at the prices they are used to buying them. Kejriwal makes it real easy to choose the Greenest option and make the most significant difference to the environment.


Kejriwal acts as a Catalyst to Change.

We aren't alone though, we either have partnered with or supported up till now several organizations that have joined us in our commitment as our Green Friends. Kejriwal is a platform to bring to together all those who share in becoming Green and who have a passion for growing and becoming Greener by leaps and bounds. Our Green Friends platform invites and encourages many organizations who are making a difference in the Sustainability of Forests and Recycling space to come together and assist each other and the global community to make changes to a more Sustainable world, faster.